Kitchen and Bath Remodels: Bringing it to the 21st Century

Kitchen and Bathroom remodels are often big and sometimes costly projects.  However, they consequently can have a big impact on the value, appearance, and utility of your home.  Here are some things that often come up in kitchen and bath design consultations:

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Cabinets are the equivalent of custom furniture, and each piece of cabinet has many parts that are cut, assembled and finished to form the final product.  Cabinets are typically the most expensive part of a Kitchen remodel, and there are many, many types and styles to order from.  For mid and lower end homes it is most common to use pre-fabricated cabinets which are made in a factory and come in a variety of sizes to keep costs down.  For upper- or mid-upper-end remodels, it is common to see custom cabinetry hand made by someone locally.  We carry our own unique line of cabinets which we put in most of our remodels and you can learn more about them here:


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Tile work

Particularly with Bathroom remodels, there is usually a lot of tile work.  If you are doing a Bathroom remodel that involves a tiled shower, it is often the largest expense of the project.  There is a tremendous amount of prep work that goes into tiling correctly and making sure your shower is water proof and drains properly. We strongly recommend an experienced installer is used for these projects.


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Counter Tops

Countertops are also a significant part of a kitchen or bath remodel and there are three main types to choose from.  

1. Stone countertops (granite, quartz) are a common choice and can be very beautiful and durable.  Stone is bought in a large slab and requires special tools to cut and fabricate them to the exact size and shape of where they will go.  They are heavy, don't forget this is a giant rock!

2. Solid Surface countertops are durable and are able to be repaired in the event they are damaged.  One of the best features is their malleability - they can be built with no visible seams, and sinks can be built into the countertop itself.

3. Laminate countertops are common, primarily due to cost.  Laminates are made by taking a thin sheet of durable plastic, gluing it to a substrate (typically MDF), and then cutting/shaping to suit. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

If you are looking for a Kitchen remodel or Bathroom remodel, look no further.  Call us today for a free consultation!